10 Things that you need to do

Here we have a list of the most essential things you have to do to ensure you company confirms to current Health and Safety guidelines.  Have you covered all these bases?

1. Decide if you require support with your health & safety duties

Here at Staffordshire health and Safety we are always on hand to lend an ear, offer advice and support to ensure you can manage your Health and Safety.

2. Write a health and safety policy

Make sure you have a comprehensive policy written and documented and accessible by your staff.

3. Identify the risk and how you will control the risks in your business

Risk assessment is a crucial part of making sure you are aware of every element of risk with in you business and its activities.

4. Provide consultation with your employees

It’s really important to meet and talk through these points with your employees.

5. Work out what training your employees need and information

This is a list you can compile from your consultation with staff and by analysing your own health and Safety assessments.

6. Provide the right workplace welfare facilities

Make sure that your workplace has the correct welfare facilities for your staff

7. Ensure that adequate First aid provision, record any accidents and ill health

First Aid, is something that some people over look especially when it comes to correctly recording incidents of injury or ill health.

8. Display the current health & safety law poster

Make sure a current poster is diplayed in your workplace in a clear and visible location for your staff so they are aware of the health and safety law.

9. Display your business insurance document

Making sure that your business insurance is visible is also a must.

10. Keep up to date with legislation

Make sure your are completely up to date with current legislation