Pre-qualification questionnaire

(PQQ) The gateway to tendering success.

What is the PQQ process and why do business rely on it?

Potential clients may ask you to complete a PQQ. These are documents that demonstrate that you are working to the mandatory level of compliance over a range of topics.  This reassures the client that any future work you carry out will be delivered to the required standard.


The type of PQQ you will be required to complete will vary and will be reflected by the size and the amount of contracts issued by the client.

A PQQ is a prerequisite to getting your company on the tendering list and putting in a tender application. The PQQ needs to be completed on time, and to the required standard, in order.

If you have limited experience in completing these types of documents they can be extremely daunting and time consuming but we are here to help.

How can we help?

We will provide you with a quote based on how much support you need and the timescale to complete the work.

  • Our prices are extremely competitive and cover all aspects of the process:
  • Producing your action plan to achieve the PQQ
  • Identifying any areas where you need support e.g. policies or training
  • Providing support and guidance
  • Completing the PQQ for you.

Staffordshire Safety Solutions also offers a H&S Scheme which will ensure you’re your PQQs are renewed each year and it will be easier to apply for any new ones that you require in the future.

The areas covered include:

  • Financial information
  • Status & legitimacy of the company
  • Quality management
  • Environment management and compliance
  • Equal Opportunities compliance
  • Health and Safety compliance

3 Simple Steps to Success

Contact us
To arrange an informal phone audit

One 2 One
We talk you through the process and give advice

Your Action Plan
We produce an action plan for you highlighting what action you need to take to complete your PQQ.